How to feed your new baby monkey.

Do not keep fixed formula for more then 1 day. I like to start by saying that. 

Every breeder probably has their own way of feeding their babies. Over the years I have learned what works best for my babies and I like to share it with you. when feeding my babies I keep the number of ml/cc lower or even with the number of hours. For example 3 ml/cc every 3-4 hour.

I will not include the age in this guide because it all depends on the individual monkey and their size more then their age. Also, every monkey, just like humans have a different digestive system some digest faster and better then others. it is important to check their tummies before every feeding and stimulating them after every feeding, this helps keep them clean and consistent. It can tell you if your feeding them the right amount. If the tool is hard then you know you are feeding the baby the right amount. if the stool is to loose or runny its usually a sign of to much formula, or that they are not kept warm enough. if your baby seems hungry still i suggest feeding solid foods like banana, sweet potatoes, and papaya instead of greasing formula. at the age of 4-5 weeks we add UAV light to the crate. It helps them to absorb calcium into there bones just like reptiles this is important for there whole life if they are kept inside. putting them by the window is not a replacement for the light.