Monkeys the size of you hand. 

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What Marmosets Eat

Download our full care sheet here. Care Sheet



  • Sweet Potatos
  • Eggs
  • Beans


  • Broccli, Cauliflower, Celery, Bell Peppers
  • Apply, Banana, Cucumber, Blueberrys, Tomatos, Melon, Papia 
Baby Formula

Baby Formula

Taking Care 


First lets talk about Baby Formula, this is one of the most important part, when we send our marmoset to their new forever homes the babies are ready at about 5 weeks, at this stage we start to introduce solid foods but they are still on formula, so knowing how to make the formula and feed them is still very important.  Get a baby bottle and add 1 scoop of the formula then you want to add 2 scoops of water. you can also add baby food like banana for flavor. (see picture below). 




Here is how we like to set up our caging for our marmosets. We add heat lamps, stuffed animals, blankets, and some small toys. 

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