Amazing Experience

5.0 rating
June 12, 2018

Christa Barker is our go-to for well-socialized animals for our programs. Each animal we purchased from Tree Top Exotics was healthy and exceptionally well socialized.

Elizabeth Buddy

So happy to find a wonderful caring animal lover!!

April 24, 2021

I want to say thank you to Christa. She is truly amazing.. She goes above and beyond, and since the the start has always been there. I cant wait for my baby girl to come home. If you want to buy a healthy baby and get the best experience from the start then your find the right place at Tree Top Exotics…

Danielle Litrenta


5.0 rating
November 14, 2020

We had a great time with Christa and Brian. It was absolutely amazing to be able to interact with some of the monkeys and foxes. You can really see how much they care for and take care of them.

Paul and Kim

No Title

November 4, 2020

loves her animals. Plain and simple – they are her family. When I came to her property she took the time to take me on a tour when she didn’t need to. She’s the type of person who treats all of her monkeys and the like as if they were a part of her immediate family. Thanks christa for introducing me to my caracal prince.

Jason Huntley

Most professional exotic professional I’ve ever dealt with

5.0 rating
November 4, 2020