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TreeTopExotics advocates the responsible ownership of primates and is here to assist you in finding the most suitable primate based on your criteria. Our goal is to  place primates needing a home with responsible owners that will provide the best possible environment for these special animals.

Owning a primate is unlike owning any other animal. Primates are intelligent, social animals and require more attention than most other animals. They have long life spans and special dietary needs. It is part of our responsibility, as we see it, to educate people on what it takes to own a primate.

We specialize in exotic pets and we can help you find the right one for you and your family. We don’t just provide exotic animals to otheres but we also own many different exotic species ourselves.Owning exotic as pets ourselves means we’ve experienced many situations most pet owners have or will experience. We can help educate you on the best way to raise and interact with your pet. To assure a great experience that last life time. when looking for a new exotic pet it is important to do research on the pet and the breeder. Also make sure you find a vet in your area and schedule a visit as soon as you bring home your new baby.


If after our initial conversations, you decide you are ready for the commitment, we will help you decide which primate is best for you. We will also assist in determining if your state allows primates and ensure you meet those requirements. Then we will consult our extensive breeder network to find the most suitable primate for you.

Our commitment to you and your new primate does not end once you receive your baby. We are always available for consultation, advice, and providing recommendations to any questions you might have.

We are licensed both by the state of Florida and by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We will gladly provide you with copies of these licenses upon request.

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We have extensive knowlage on our animals. We are also USDA and Fish and Wild Life licensed

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We are there for you and the life time of your new family member.

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