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We are Tree Top Exotics. We are the premier supplier of exotic animals.

We offer personalized advice and consultation to help you best determine which exotic animal is right for you. We pride ourselves in offering assistance throughout the life of your animal.

What People Say About Us

The best of the best! Christa has gone above and beyond for us, highly recommend her to anyone!!
Andrea Rodriguez
Christa and this family-owned operation are amazing! As CEO of Kinkatopia (a Florida-based Kinkajou nonprofit) Christa is my primary recommendation for responsible, exotic-pursuing buyers. Her animals are well cared for and socialized. I learn a lot from Christa. She had a heart of gold!
Alexandra Ashe
Christa Barker is our go to for well socialized animals for our programs. Each animal we have purchased from Tree Top Exotics was healthy and exceptionally well socialized.
Elizabeth Buddy